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The American Nystagmus Network became a nonprofit organization in February, 1999. Also in February an interim board was created and an acting president established. In March the organization drafted its mission statement and acquired the domain name nystagmus.org. In June it received a 5 year provisional tax-exempt status. The organization held its inaugural meeting and conference July 30-31, 1999 in Cleveland, OH. At the first meeting a permanent board was elected, including officers, and that board will serve a 2-year term ending in 2001. Subsequent boards have been elected in 2001, and 2003. 

Since that time, we have had two more successful conferences: in the Twin Cities area of MN in 2001, and more recently in the Baltimore area in 2003.  The next conference is planned for 2005, most likely on the west coast.  As more details become available, they will be posted on the conference page of this website.

The American Nystagmus Network always welcomes new members. Membership dues are $25 annually, and the money is used to meet ANN's mission. If you would like to join ANN, please print out and mail in a membership form and enclose a check or money order for $25.

History of ANN: The American Nystagmus Network grew out of the original creation of a website and an e-mail discussion list back in late 1996. Its founder is Jeffrey Beall, a former librarian at Harvard University, who has congenital nystagmus. Jeffrey's e-mail list started with a handful of adults and has since grown to about 600 members, comprising adults and teens with nystagmus, parents and grandparents of nystagmus children, educators, and medical professionals. Although Jeffrey is no longer an active member of ANN, we are eternally grateful for his insight and initiative in starting ANN.

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